Seagate 8TB Backup Plus HDD for £120 - Amazon Prime day


For anyone looking to offload/backup a large amount of data, this one is worth considering. :slight_smile:

I bought this a few months ago (paid £200 for it :doh:) and it performs a lot better than I anticipated. It writes individual large files pretty quick, sustaining over 100MB/s. Smaller files write slowly much like a USB flash drive, typically in the 10s of files per second.

Read speed is much like any other hard disk, i.e. 100-150MB/s depending where the files are located on the disk and similar seek times to a hard disk. In turn, it’s fine for storing photos, video, etc. as these all preview, open and stream just as well as any other hard disk.

The two front USB ports are USB3.

With this price, this works out as follows in comparison to optical disc formats:
37.5p per 25GB - Single BD-R
75p per 50GB - Single BD-R DL
£18.75 per 1.25TB - 50 spindle of BD-Rs
7p per 4.7GB - Single DVD
£7.05 per 470GB - 100 spindle of DVD-Rs

Of course the downside is that if it fails - everything on it is lost, unlike discs where just the affected discs are lost.


That’s an excellent offer Seán. :iagree:

I don’t need one myself but I can see a lot of people being tempted by that.


I am definitely tempted, but

This seller does not deliver to the United States.

Only thing I see comparable that I see for the US is $160.00


I noticed Amazon removed the listing, i.e. it’s only showing marketplace and third party sellers of the 8TB model.

So it looks like Amazon either sold out or had a few too many sales to keep it an all day sale. :wink:

Not really surprising given that several other hard disks it had with a more modest reduction (e.g. 20%) completely sold out and that 8TB model was half price!