Seagate 750gb freeagent

i have a seagate barracuda 7200.10 750gb
s/n 5qd41xp3
p/n 9bj148-568

originally came with incloser no computer reads it ether connected via the usb cable and card or hooked strat to the mobo. i think its dead though drive spines up fine occasionally makes a clicking noise and gets very warm very fast (though it isn’t in front of my cooling fan, as im not installing it in my case if it don’t work). is there anyway of checking this drive as i don’t want to through it out if its recoverable

thanks for the help POG13

Clicking noises from a hard drive are never a good sign.

I’m moving your thread to the hard drive forum, where you should get more informed answers.

Thanks kerry

licke i said i think its dead, but whould lick to get it running dont just wana chuck £40 down the drain

thanks all

If you didn’t disassemble the unit you would have been able to claim your warranty :wink:
That drive is dead.


not under warranty any more, but yey i think its buggered think ill tack it apart and get some costars out of it lol thanks