Seagate 750GB External HD. $199

BestBuy has Seagate 750GB USB 2.0, eSata for $199.

Best Buy is stupid…did you read their description of this drive?


do you think it’s a misprint? obviously it’s a misprint but i mean like the wrong item listed at that price and the description is actually right? if that’s the case I’d jump on it fast before they fix it. that’s a good price and best buy is almost NEVER a good deal on things like hard drives.

good price, ugly drive.

I don’t know if it is a misprint or not, but it is a very good price/size ratio. :iagree:

I personally suspect one of their “geek squad” members must do their webpages. :bigsmile:

I am sure is 750GB as model number is the same and they are on back order and most stores are out of stock. Here is another link for the same Hard drive:

Well… almost the same except that it’s $54.83 more and here’s the kicker, “Not Returnable!:eek: :Z 254.82 Whats with the wacky pricing anyway, darts? Don’t they know your supposed to end in .49 or .99 so the buyer subconsciously thinks their getting a deal. :wink:

I quoted the above web site for info. only, not for the price.