Seagate 750Gb External esata problem

I have been unable to make this drive’s esata work with ASUS P5W DH Deluxe Motherboard. I have already installed jmicron36x sata driver. Also I have enable Jmicron in BIOS. And is set to AHCI. No problem with USB 2.0. Does anyone have experience with this?

No but sounds like i need one of those.

Maybe you should, I bought it on sale from BestBuy for $199 (plus tax) of course now is $299. May be I need to set Jmicron as Raid?, but I am not doing any raid configuration as my internal HD is also set as AHCI (Intel IHC7R).

Does anyone even read this section of the forum? I suggest moving this section to general hardware. If any Moderators is even reading this?

It’s a fairly new forum and i really don’t know. I also have no advice sorry.

Thanks for replying, but I am talking in general about this section and not my problem, it seams not many people browse this section. As you said may be because is new.

I’ve got an eSata external HDD and a P5BE - Plus motherboard & I had to connect the drive to the onboard sata connections as the rear esata connection was of no use. Works fine although not hot swappable.

I have P5B Deluxe and eSATA works fine with WD ES edition. At the boot up screen, do you see if the drive is detected??. And is the eSATA drive detected in your CMOS???. Do you have the latest firmware for your motherboard?? Do you have all the drivers installed?? Do you see any ?? or !! in your device manager??

This is the cable that I bought:
Do you think this may be the problem? The cables @ Newegg are alot more expensive.
it says SATA External Shielded Cable - eSATA to eSATA (Type I to Type I). What does type I stand for? Which cable did you guys buy? May be this cable is the problem?

Did you ever get that Seagate working using the eSata on the Asus P5W-dh?

I just bought a Seagate Freeagent pro 750 GB as well and the drive is not being recognized when connected to the eSata port on the P5W.


Just got a Gigabyte GA-X38DQ6 and using the Intel AHCI driver I get a BSOD in Win XP whenever I turn on AHCI in the bios.

My FreeAgent Pro 750 is not recognized when using an eSATA port. I would be interested in anyone that gets it working on the P5WDH or an X38 model.


I just blogged on this topic the other day. There is a firmware update for the FreeAgent Pro line of drives that seems to fix many of the issues people have with the eSATA interface. You also need to make sure the plastic around the eSATA cable boot isn’t preventing the plug from being inserted completely into the connector on the drive.

There’s a link to the firmware update on my blog entry here:

Hope that helps!

Thanks noegruts!

I cut back the plastic on the connector and plan to update the firmware when my drive comes back from Seagate service – after trying it on eSATA initially I couldn’t even get it to recognize on USB so they said to RMA it.

Hot plugging is a whole 'nother issue on the Gigabyte X38-DQ6 because using the Intel ICH9 F6 driver and turning on the AHCI causes an immediate BSOD when XP Pro starts up. I asked Gigabyte for a bios or driver update and will post whenever they come through.