Seagate 5TB fail @10months



hi forum,
so ten months after tearing off the plastic of the retail box my seagate
is ready for dirt nap.
its a ST5000DM001 i think or something like that.
kept going offline but reboots would wake it up until last week it went
seems like hammering it with big workload is what does it.
smart commands fail no model number in post no show in device manger.
I been lamenting the fact i didnt get completley backed up.
But kept screwing with the drive and messing around in bios until i got it to wake back up and got my files.

wondering what they will send when i RMA it and will i get busted for running it out of its external case.

have they fixed this crap yet or do i just get to do it again when they screw me with some recertified repeat?


the production is now at …DM002 for this drive and the problem supposedly fixed. My Seagates are working nicely but I never used 5TBs.


Good Luck with getting a Replacement…After I’ve had 2x 1TB and 1x3TB Fail on me I’ll NEVER buy another Seagate as Long as I live.


None of them are perfect, everything that has a production run has a failure rate.


I bought several external enclosures with Seagate (ST1000DM003, ST3000DM001) HDDs and all failed. I will think twice (or three times) before buying anything from Seagate again.


I have had a couple WD 1TB and 2TB drives die. I RMA’d them. WD provided remanufactured drives as replacements. Each replacement died after ~ 1 year. I have not used anything bigger than a 2TB drive.


I have had good luck with Seagate drives so far.

-Seagate 250GB USB 2.0 external
-Seagate 1TB USB 2.0 external
-Seagate 3TB Barracuda (shucked this one)
-Seagate 8TB Archival
-Seagate 8TB Archival

So far, the 250GB 2.0 is the only one that has failed. It was around 7 years old when it happened and I used it heavily for VMs at school. All the others are running strong. I’ve also got a WD Red 3TB running in my box that I keep all my music on. I would suggest sticking to WD Red, especially for a drive that you are powering on and running often because it’s made for that. WD Reds also tend to run quieter and cooler compared to like that Seagate 3TB Barracuda.

I also tried a WD Red 8TB Helium drive. This failed after about two months. WD RMAd it and sent me a new drive which I sold to a friend. I think that had more to do with me using the drive in Linux and then in Windows and back and forth and things getting corrupted, not that the drive was crap.

I’d suggest using WD Red, but you have to do what your budget can allow. HGST are the most reliable but also cost the most. Seagates are supposedly the least reliable, but most affordable. WD/WD Red imo are right about in the middle.

Just remember to keep a backup if you have important data on them because hard drives do fail eventually. It’s just a matter of when.