Seagate 500GB SATAII $120 shipped @ Fry's

This would probably intrigue most of us more so than the 500GB Maxtor…

ST3500641AS-RK 500GB RTL.
Seagate: #: 4697788

* SATA/300
* 7200RPM
* 16MB Buffer 

In stock, same day shipping
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Price: $ 119.99

Is SATA II backwards compatible :o to SATA?

Thanks for the post

Yup. I’m running 4 Seagate 300MBPS drives at 150MBPS now. Works fine.

The only issue a person may have with huge drives like this is drivers. I had to slipstream service pack 2 into XP and make a bootable CD before I could get an OS loaded onto either of my 400GB drives. For some reason the nVidia nForce drivers kept crashing my system, but the default MS drivers work like a champ.

Kewl thanks Doc

Dang!!! You guys are killing me. Just got my 400GB Seagate SATA drive Monday!!! I gotta jump on this one, too, though! I’ve got to stay out of here… LOL

Me too :smiley:

I was unfortunate to have one of the 2 Seagate 400GB SATA drives go down within a month and Seagate sent me a 500GB to replace it so I’m gonna pass on this one although I just got 2 of the 200GBers. These bargains are puttin me in the poor house and the wife has that “gonna kill ya look” on her face whenever a box comes for me :smiley:

They say so but I bought a Maxtor 250GB S ATA II and my P4C 800 Deluxe mobo would not recognize the drive in Bios(with the Jumpers set correctly) but that was a Maxtor and about a year ago, so hopefully they have that all fixed up at Seagate. I know benches are only synthetic but it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling when you get a Sata II capable board.:bigsmile: Here is a comparison of my Seagate 400GB S ATA II and a Seagate 250GB standard S ATA

OMG :eek:

Is that difference clear in real world performance or just benchmarking ?

I have a 500GB SATA II WD SE16 drive and been running it on a SATA I i875 mobo thinking that SATA I and SATA II are only for marketing :doh:

I haven’t upgraded my PC for 3 years now because I spend my money on burners and media :bigsmile:

Hey, crossg welcome back we have seen you for the long time also very nice graphical presentation.

Must resist. Defenses failing. Credit card calling to me. 1 TB RAID 0 calling me. HEEEEELP.


Thanks for the info crossg. I’m planning to upgrade this summer when prices fall a little more. But pick up some parts along the way :slight_smile:

I ordered 3 yesterday, called them today and they said they are not in stock :frowning:

ordered 3…dang…hate to see what space you already have…hehe…hope ya get them tho.

you bought 3?? Have fun formatting those suckers

Yeah, $10 more for this drive than the maxtor, but it would be well spent since this drive will assure you worried freaks out there about drive reliability. My system total drive capacity is way over 1TB and I only using less than 100 gig of space, not justified to jump on this deal. And dont forget, all of us here have DVD burners, we use media for backing up data as well. So no more buying HDD for me for a long time because I predicted my hdd will last me a long time.

The Fry’s store has them in store good to go. May be you can price match it some place else if they have it.

What are going to do with 1.5 TGB storage?.

Hi-Def Porn

A clip of music video, 4 minutes long, in HD, is about 600 megs, and it is only 1080i. Imagine if it is in 1080P

If you store Video movie and considering each average 5GB that is 300 Movie.

TCAS, I believe you missed the point.

4 minutes/600 megs x 22.5=90 minutes(rough average length of todays movie/13.5 Gbs. And that was for 1080i. That’s assuming that there aren’t any additional DVD’s for directors cuts, music video’s etc etc. That works out to be about 111 DVD’s, assuming 1.5TB of free space.

Those are just music video clip, the video is 1080i but the audio is not DTS so you save some space. TCAS missed the conversion somewhere in his calculation.

Anyhow, a full 1080P movie is a lot bigger and since it store DTS audio, not just with English language, sometimes it has DTS French, and Spanish, preview, and other stuffs that they put in the movie, 25gig blu-ray disc can barely hold a short movie. imagine if the movie is 2 hrs in length, dual layer blu-ray has to be used