Seagate 500gb Partition and Convert to NTFS



i dont have a clue how to do this. ive read some articles in the internet but im afraid i didnt absorbed them very well. so i need help.
could you provide me some assitance with this pls?
or maybe i could just use good dedicated software out there that help me get through this. any suggestions? thanks.



From the CMD prompt just enter Convert x:/fs=NTFS/nosecurity where x: = the drive for conversion.

It should be absolutely safe but backup any important data first though.


thanks timc for the speedy reply.
the 500gb external drive empty so this shouldnt be any problem.
is it /fs=ntfs or /fs:ntfs?
is it safe to put /no security? it means that everyone is granted access to the files and folders right?
how about partitioning the drive?


Did the drive come with Seagates DiscWizard software? If not get it here


ive already downloaded it but im stuck. when i select the L: drive which is my external drive and click next it gives me this msg.


Wow, is there a free tech support number or email address you could use for Seagate. I’ve only had internal Seagate drives, never messed with an external one. Good Luck!


Or maybe you could try it this way, from the Seagate FAQ here


My bad there I’m afraid. It should be /FS:NTFS

You can always add security/ownership afterwards.

No need for any wizards I think. I did just this with my 2 250gb Seagate drives & with my friends 320gb one.


im really sorry im just not confident doing things i dont know.
i did the windows thing but i dont see any other options when i right click the drive but format. when i select the format what i got is this. do i need to change anything or this options is already ok? thanks


OK just format it then as there’s no data. If there was then the convert command I gave would be the one to use.


ok thanks a lot timc. its now formatting.

update you in a while how it goes or i have trouble in partitioning it. cheers!


ok now that the fomatting is finished i selected delete partition so that i can repartition it into more. now its nowhere to be found! :eek:


You just deleted the formatting you already did. You must partition, then format. You’ll still find the drive in disc management.


Personally I don’t recommend partitioning a drive but that’s just me.

It’s a shame you didn’t mention that you wanted to partition the drive into smaller partitions. Could have saved a lot of time.