Seagate 400GB ST3400633AS-RK Serial ATA $100 shipped

Looks like they may be sold out already because the web site states “call for availability”. If they have them this is a good price for this drive.

Seagate 400GB ST3400633AS-RK Serial ATA (SATA/300) Retail Hard Drive…
Seagate: #: 4799749

* Serial ATA (SATA/300) Interface
* 7200 RPM
* 16MB Buffer
* Retail Boxed Hard Drive (Installation Kit Included)
* 5 Year Warranty

Call for Availability

Price: $ 99.99{DUzmW0cEGV2uJoZGwYC7-g**.node1}/product/4799749

Thanks I ordered 4 more. :slight_smile:

Thanks!!! Just ordered one!!!

[QUOTE=Doctor Morbius]Looks like they may be sold out already because the web site states “call for availability”. If they have them this is a good price for this drive.

Look like they dont read, they just order them, I just love it
Anyway, are these perpendicular recording??

The last 4 I got were perpendicular.I called before I ordered online today and they said they were expecting them in by 1st week of April.They show in stock now though.

Yes, they do show in stock now. The four I bought a few months back were all 7200.10.

Thanks for the info. Great find. Looks like I will be getting a couple.

On side note, any recommendation for an excellent external enclosure for these drives:

Thinking that a good quallity one would have to be:

  1. Aluminum casing with fan.
  2. Relatively inexpensive.
  3. Well/soundly constructed

Any thought would be appreciated,

Well, case material isn’t the most important thing to me. What is is a design that can be stacked. Also, in most cases, you’re going to be far better off in a 5 1/4" enclosure where airflow is concerned. Bigger fan and less restriction. That’s just my $0.02.


Ordered one yesterday. Received my order confirmation and tracking info today. Scheduled to be delivered Monday!!!

Welp, because it shows back to be in stock again. I dont have anymore SATA power cable or else I would get one. Or I can use it as an external drive if I can find a cheap eSATA enclosure. Good thing my Asus P5B deluxe has that eSATA connector. Ok, time to search for an external eSATA enclosure

Well I dropped by the CDF bargain basement and again I ending up buying something. Had to have 1 of these for a new build. I wonder how much stopping by here has cost me over the last few years or has it saved me money. Probably both but I love this place.

Looking at your signature, I guess you haven’t spent as much as me. Well, I am an active bargain basement cdfreaks

@ghettocowboy That is the specs for 1 of 4 I have in a circle all tied together with a chair on wheels to move about to whatever one I want to use at that time. This isn’t a hobby it’s a way of life don’t you know. LOL I’m just to lazy to put it all on paper.

It got here today and it shur is purdy. Now if the memory comes in tommorow another 1 done. Luving it.

Fry’s electronics has this deal for the same price for both SATA & PATA 400GB drives.