Seagate 300GB SATA II 16MB @ frys $59.99 FS No rebate

Seagate 300GB SATA II 16MB @ frys $59.99 5 year warranty
Free Shipping - No Rebate{lnvcr8rnDqhYMysNN6Xy1g**.node2}/product/4795199

Old inventory, this is 7200.9 series and not 7200.10 which has perpendicular technology.

Still a good deal.

If you have SATA controller available then is OK otherwise Fry’s also has Maxtor “OneTouch” External Harddrive 160MB for $49.99 on sale.

my 10 yrs old computer has WD 1.2 GB and Connor 1.6GB
Your Maxtor has smaller space than my thumb drive TCAS
I think you should get a thumb drive instead of that external “One Touch” drive TCAS because [B]One Touch[/B] you are out of space

Mine arrived today, I got 2 300GB SAT A II 7200.10 :iagree: :clap: :bow:

sold out! :frowning:

the one with perpendicular recording is the 320gb

I didn’t take them outta the anti-static bag yet but on the HDD is

Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 300Gbytes ST3300620AS