Seagate 300gb SATA 16MB $74

wow, nice deal, SATA II, 16meg cache, free shipping


Seagate 300GB ST3300631A-RK Parallel ATA Retail Hard Drive $74.99 free ship

Maxtor L01E200 200GB SATA 300 (8MB) retail kit $49.99 with free shipping

MXT L01V200 200GB PATA (8MB) retail kit $49.99 free shipping

SEAGATE 400GB PATA ST3400632A-RK (retail) $99.99 free ship

Seagate 400GB ST3400633AS-RK Serial ATA (SATA/300) Retail Hard Drive $99.99 free ship

MXT L01F500 500GB SATAII (retail kit) $119.99 but not free shipping
(the Max 500 for 109.99 in another thread is a bare drive but has free shipping)

Remember, when you go to checkout, Fry’s defaults to 2 day shipping. You have to change it to ground to get the free shipping.

etp; look like the 200GB PATA or SATA for $49.99 is also good deal from Fry’s this week.

hopefully these types of sale continues into April 22nd since I am gonna build my folks a new low budget system. Intel is gonna lower the CPU prices on that day and RAM price is going down as well. Gotta love those low prices without the rebates slapping to it

Both Intel and AMD have announced lower prices effective later this month, so you can pretty much depend on that. However, expecting or hoping for lower RAM pricing is purely a crapshoot. It could just as easily go up as down.

Many of us are waiting for April 22nd to see how low the actual consumer prices are. $113 for a C2D E4300 sounds really enticing, doesn’t it?

The month of April is always start-up for the computer and computer components specially CPU price drop after long slow and quite few months following Christmas mad season. We should expect %20 to %30 drop in CPU prices.

Bought this drive and I will give two of my smaller ones to my son.

TCAS and all, so don’t by memory just yet? $53 at MWAVE for 667/ 1GB/ DDR2/Corsair.

No more corsair for me unless they start using micron chip. Otherwise, they are a reputable company going south. Their prices on ram are not cheap, most people thinking, buying expensive and good brand ram will keep their system running stable. But not knowing that Corsair outsource to cheaper IC chip maker, known as promo chip. So any corsair you are throwing at me, are overprice cheap products. Unless they are high voltage PC2-8500 dominator series, but I can get micron IC pc2-8500 under a different brand for over $100 cheaper per 2 gig of ram. And the good news is that RAM prices are falling, but not much though, to get low prices ram, you have to go thru rebates. Patriot PC2-8500 is sold for $190 after $50 MIR at newegg, and they are micron chip.

I go alone with the above statement from ghetocoboy; I have been burnt twice with corsair RAM with system conflict and instability then with replace of Corsair RAM with another brand things got to normal. I would also think twice in buying corsair ram again.

I got burnt years ago when Mushkin started slipping and Corsair was still the top. What brands do you guys like now?