Seagate 200GB Ultra ATA/100 ST3200822A-RK @Outpost for $40 AR - free shipping

Anyone know how these drives are when put in an external case?

Any recommendations for the case?

I have this model (7200.7 Plus) in a Vantec enclosure. It’s quiet and works well. Now I’m tempted to run down to Fry’s to get another.

Which model Vantec? I’ve been reading on various forums that the enclosures should have a cooling fan.

Does anyone know if they actually honor their rebates or is this one another one of those got ya rebate offers? Seem like a good price if they will honor this rebate.

yes they do honor their rebates, takes more or less about 2-3 months before getting your rebate, I’ve ordered many drives from them and have received every single rebate back, they are reliable in my opinion :iagree:

Same here. Three Seagates; three rebates. And Fry’s is top notch with their customer service. Only downside is DHL, which here, at least, couldn’t find the sky on a sunny day.

Thank you very much for your information bnm81002 and chas, looks like I’ll be ordering one of these. Thanks Wilton Parmenter for the heads up on this sale. What a great place this forum is for information like this.

Product currently unavailable! Was anyone able to order?

A Vantec Nexstar 3. Since I only use the drive for backup, I don’t worry about the fan. I don’t use it for more than an hour a day. A fan is necessary if you leave the drive on for a long time.

Rebate from outpost= automatic they can keep it. Rebate from most anybody = they can keep it. Compusa had a nice seagate 300 gig with MIR. Rebate = they can keep it and ill still point that fact out to them. If then can sell this stuff at half price with a rebate counting on the fact most won’t see the money, I guess they can do better on price and screw the rebates. I hope Spitzer from NY rams the whole process down their throats. Offer a rebate they HAVE to pay up. It was the manufactures that decided to offer it so they are just going to have to live with that fact. If they don’t then don’t offer them. :a

ps: compusa also had a 512 ram stick with a rebate larger then the price. Just am not going to take the chance. Out of stock? You can bet they got plenty of much more expensive ones in stock.

Bad news for them, I live real close to the rebate center. Simple drive with an

I don’t know who’s offering the rebate or rebates on this deal, but I got in on the 200 gig Seagate from CopmUSA a couple months back for $29 after rebates and was approved on all three rebates. E-rebate from CompUSA filed electronicly for $60, and two mail-ins from Seagate, one for $40 and one for $10. Have received emails on all three that they have been approved and are awaiting payment.

I don’t like rebates myself, and generaly avoid them like the plague, but it seems that if you want a slammin HARD DISK deal, you’re gonna have to deal with them. 200 gigs for $41 after taxes and rebates? That’s not too shabby for an out the door price. This sounds like a great deal too. Hope everyone has as good luck with the rebates as I SEEM to be having.


PS Just noticed, today’s the last day too.

I ordered 1 last night and got an email from Outpost telling me the same thing that the Product is currently unavailable, what a bummer :frowning:

Does anyone know how many Mbs of cache they have.

Looks like they have 8Mbs of cache. See this link for same drive number