Seagate 2 TeraByte hard disks next year and SSD's

I just posted the article Seagate 2 TeraByte hard disks next year and SSD’s.

The CEO of Seagate has announced that the company will introduce Solid State Drives (SSD) next year and will also introduce 2 TeraByte (TB) hard disks next year.
The company’s will target…

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@ Jan It’s terabyte, not TerraByte. That is all. :+

No, is wrong, wrong, wrong, it’s terap0rn :wink:

Thats nice, may suck if you want to use the whole drive… If vendors don’t change the current technology you may find problems getting stuff on and off the disk, when and if you fill it up. Can you imagine how long it will take the head to seak from one end of the drive to the other. I guess we will have to wait and see.

I’m surprised it’s taking that long. I expected the 2TB drives by now, especially since I’ve seen 1TB drives under US $200. It’s “tedibyte”. (Kilobyte was 1024 bytes, megabyte was 1024 KB, gigabyte was 1024 MB and terabyte was 1024 GB long before marketing types tried to push *bibyte on us. Let them use a new term for decimal terabytes.)