Seagate 160gb Hard Drive $50 After MIR


Frys ( has the Seagate 160gb Ultra DMA 100 Hard Drive with 8mb Buffer in Retail box for $99.99 with $50 Mail In Rebate for a net cost of $49.00 plus shipping - this is good until March 01, 2005-

You can find it at:

Comes with 5 year warranty-

I got mine-


Wish it was the SATA drive at that price. I’m full up on my Western Digital 80 gigabyte hard drives on the IDE chain. :frowning: Good deal though for anyone needing a big hard drive. :wink:

Thanks mike, nice find.

Hey Bigmike, by any chance you still have the rebate form so you can send it to me? I bought mine on 02/28 and when I tried yesterday to download the form they changed the dates on the form.
I will appreciate that. Thanks.


Sorry but I only printed mine and set it in - did not download the form-

Hopefully someone else in here can help you-


i have this drive st160023 and hate it. it is in my HTPC and it is louder and much warmer than the WD JB120 it replaced and not any faster. when i can get another 200 gig WD JB drive for under $40 i will be pulling it out as i cannot keep the system cool enough with that drive in it. :frowning:

I had 2 of the ST160023 and replaced them with 250GB Maxtors. Quieter and cooler. They’re setting in the closet until my next system build.


My new Seagate 160gb is running SO quiet - I really cannot hear it - same as my Seagate 80gb is also very quiet - and I have the cover off and the drive is maybe 2-2/12 feet away from my ears - still cannot hear it-

Feels warm to the touch - the same as the 80gb


Are we talking about the ST3160023A? Download HD Tune and test the throughput speed. Mine starts around 55MB/sec and remains above 50MB/sec up to the 50% mark. Then it drops down to about 45MB/sec at 70%. Minimum speed is 30MB/sec at the end.

I don’t have the latest Maxtor or WD drive. Anyone with Maxtor/WD and the Seagate in the same PC? Care to post your results based on HD TUNE?


Yo CP-

Do you happen to have a link for HD Tune?



Start - 62.4 MB/sec
Finish - 53.2 MB/sec (approximately)
Average - 55.1 MB/sec
Burst Rate - 77.5 MB/sec

Are those Seagate numbers? That’s quite high for the same model number. The throughput speed should drop off toward the end. Burst speed looks about right. I tested the Seagate on a friend’s Dell 8100, but that shouldn’t make much differences unless there is a problem with the IDE controller. There are no data in the Seagate’s NTFS extended logical partition.

Maxtor Numbers. I’ll post the Seagate SCSI numbers when I get chance to run it. Right now it’s running a 3D Max 1.2 GB Rendering.

Yo CP-

Muchos Gracias Bra-

Works fine - mine essentially same as yours-

Main Drive ST31600A at 98f and ST3800 at 101f after being on for 5 hours-


I ran a test on an 80GB Maxtor PATA (8MB cache) drive a few months back. It was about 10% lower when compared to this Seagate. The minimum speed is still around 30MB/sec.

Do you have the model number of that Maxtor? I’ve never come across a PATA drive with a “FINISH” throughput speed of 53MB/sec. The linear velocity at the inner-most region of the disc platter should dramatically reduce the throughput speed of the hard drive.

Maxtor 6B250R0 - 16 MB Cache

Never tested that one. Perhaps the 16MB cache is affecting the HD Tune program. Continuous throughput speed of the drive should not be affected by the size of the cache.

Literature with the drive says that it has “dual processor” functionality for improved throughput speed, whatever that means.


Whatever it is - it’s hella fast!!

I’m impressed-