Seacond drive is slow

I have a dell system which runs ok.

The system came with a standard dvdrw drive which also runs ok.
I have a lightscribe drive which I want to add to the system as a seconnd drive in the spare bay. This I have done but when I write to the drive it writes at a very slow speed. So I decided to swap the drives round to see what would happen, the result was that the lightscribe now in the first bay works perfect, but the original drive now in the second bay writes very slow.
Something somewhere needs to be changed to make them both work at there optimum speeds but I don’t know what.
Any help??


Check your DMA.

sorry, i am novice how do i check dma?

Try this thread .

However, I’d suspect either a faulty IDE cable or maybe even the jumpers on the back of the devices incorrectly set.