SE-W164C may be dead?


I need some help
I’ve got an externalburner SE-W164C.
I write some dvds and cds easily but today i tried to simply read a dvd
for the first time.
It asks me the dvd zone, I type mine and problems
begin : Impossible to set the dvd zone and the tray doesn’t want to open.
So i open it manually and restart. Impossible again.
I reinstall the firmware (TS10 on samsungodd). It works again, the tray only.
The drive was recognized by xp but can’t read any discs, the discs didn’t spin too)
So i tried to install an older firmware(TS00 from samsung france) but the download fail before the end and xp reboots.
Now even xp can’t recognize it. Is it dead ?
How can i flash another firmware if xp can’t recognize it (it does but as a mass storage usb device), and SFDNWIN ?
I 've read about a dos flasher but it doesn’t still exist on samsungodd.
Please help me to resurect him, it’s a 7days drive.
(I tried to restore three times to restore but whithout any consequences) :sad:

I think you should not use such offers as liveupdate.

That’s the one you have used and it failed, correct?


No i upgrade manually with samsung utilities. SE-W164C is not compatible with liveupdate.

i read your message and i 'm surprised to see that i had the same problem and actualy my SE-W164C does not work.
Have you solved the problem? Can you help me?



I have the same problem. Have anyone any solution?


I am having the same trouble. I just got it out of the box and put a dvd in to the unit. When the region setting came up I set it to region4 and then it froze. The firmware was Ts04. The unit does not function. I looked up the firmware using samsung tools and found out that it was set to boot. Other words the firmware was corrupted and needed to reflash the bios.So the only way was to do it manually and I flashed it with Ts10. It now operates by opening up but does not read a disk. pissed off!!!

The way to reset the flash boot to try other firmware is to either reflash using the the same bios start overwriting then as it starts, pull out the usb cable. This will cause the bios to be corrupted and you will be able to try other firmware.