SE-W164 LightScribe

Got myself the external Samsung SE-W164(L) yesterday. Because of the lack of reviews for this new drive, i’m posting some test results i did.

Lets see, it supports:

              Write  Read
DVD+R:     16x    12x
DVD-R DL:   8x     8x
DVD+RW:    8x     8x
DVD-R:      16x   12x 
DVD-R DL:   4x     8x
DVD-RW:     6x    8x
DVD-ROM:    -    16x
CD-DVD:      -    48x
CD-R:         48x  40x
CD-RW:      32x  40x
Disk labeling: Best 36 min, Normal: 28 min, Draft: 20 min

Plug & play, nothing more simple then this. Setting up this drive took all but about 1min ( took longer to remove it from the box, then the actual setup ).

The system finds it as TSSTcorpCD/DVDW SH-W162L. Mine shipped with TS02 firmware, and a quick update with Samsungs ODD firmware Lifeupdater changed its firmware to TS03.

Here are some test results from TDK DVD+R ( 16x ) Media burned at 12x ( Kprobe 8x read speed used ):

Date                     : 29/03/2006 21:03:11
Model                    : 5-0-0-0 J:TSSTcorpCD/DVDW SH-W162L TS03
Disc                     : DVD+R , YUDEN000T03 [Taiyo Yuden Company Limited]
Speed                    : 8x
ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF)  : 8/1
Scanned range           : 0 - 2205067
Sampling count           : 127437
Errors                    : 0
PI Max                   : 10
PI Average             : 0,76
PI Total                 : 12136
PIF Max                 : 2
PIF Average            : 0,03
PIF Total                : 414

Now, I’ve compared these results to the same brand & speed done on the older W164 © version. And you will notice a vast improvement on the results ( the old review is available on this site ). I’ve done about 25 dvd burns, with a test about every 6 or 7 burns. The results stay between 0.70 & 0.95 PI Average, and stay at a PIF of 0.02 & 0.03. I’m no expert but i think these results are darn close to pressed dvd quality.

Any questions, ask away. I’ll drop in from time to time to answer them.

The lastest firmware is TS04 (released yesterday) :wink:

For the SH-W162L the TS03 is the latest firmware.
I own a W162L too and I have also very good results with Yuden000T03 media. :smiley:

Yep, very sure its a SE-W164 :slight_smile:

The internal drive is a SH-W162L with TS03 firmware ( the lasted available on ODD Firmware LifeUpdate ). Havent seen the TS04 on LifeUpdate yet.

Sorry i thougt the SE-W164 is a S162L :o

read a review here

Fake link to April fools topic. Post has been reported to the administrators.

Overall the 162L has awesome burn quality. Really good!

Yep, seems the 164 is the external 162L

Also, did u scan the dvd in the samsung drive or move it to a liteon or other?


Yes, the SE-W164 has the internal drive of the 162L.

I did my scans using the Samsung itself. Didnt have any problems with it. I also scanned some older crap el-cheapo dvd’s and boy o boy … the quality difference was well … huge.

It was some old 4x Mam-e dvd’s that i bought a year or 2 ago. So i compared data written written on the old mam-e DVDs by the Samsung ( only at 2x written ), and new data written on tdk DVD+r 16x disks ( written at 12x ).

I stopped working with DVDs as backup almost a year or 4 ago, because the quality of the disks was so bad, that i ended up with half with bad data on the outer edges. The results have been surprising. With the old crap mam-e media showing PI average errors of about 250 times worse, and PIF almost 1000 times worse then the TDK. Also, for that test, i used auto speed. The TDK was able to read at 12x at the end, while the mam-e was up to 8x at the end ( the test was not exactly fair for the TDK, yet, it kicked the mam-e’s ass :wink: ).

You see why i gave up on DVDs for backups :wink: I bought several bad batches, and it tainted my opinion of data security on DVDs :frowning: The samsung combined with the tdk’s restored it ( and i’m happily moving mass amounts of data now from my aging hd’s ). I also tried it with a other old brand ( no name brand ) i still had, same bad deal, massive errors. Note to self: don’t go cheap on DVDs.

I’ve got a stack of Verbatim DVD+R 16x incoming ( expect them on tuesday ), so i’ll report data from those also. But from the reputation of Verbatim, i expect the tests results to be similar to the TDK’s.

Thanks for reply m8.

What prog did u use for scanning the disk.

I looked in the newest CD/DVD Speed and the button is disabled.


Kprobe2. Works like a charm on the Samsung. Also tried Kprobe on a panasonic in my laptop, but didn’t work, so i can only use the Samsung for comparisons.

Thanks a lot, getting now to try.


For using DVDSpeed with the W162L you have to change some things in registry:

go to:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality]

search the “blocked” key and delete “Samsung, TSST” there, than DVD Speed should work.

Thanks, heard there was a key that could be changed, never new which :wink:

Working a treat!