SE-S204 External, won't detect DVDs/CDs



I just purchased the drive and I plugged it in, and windows XP SP 2 installed it all OK. I noticed the drive on windows explorer, and software such as imgburn notices the drive.

Following was taken from the properties in drive management:

I have tried inserting blank CDR/DVDR, factory pressed CDs, burnt DVDr etc, and still the drive cannot read anything. It just flashes green for one minute, and then the light goes off and does nothing.

Its my first time with an external drive and I’m wondering if there is anything I need to install, or change?

Thanks, Barry


Some further info taken from Nero

I notice this is the older firmware, and TS02 is out, should I try that? Is there another alternative.


I decided to upgrade the Nero package I had, and used the version I had with the drive, I also installed the latest firmware, and still I can’t read/detect any media. This is strange :frowning:


Resolved :smiley: I took it back the store and got a new one, all OK now. My friend said it sounded like a bad drive, so I had my suspicion before too, so will maybe post back some of my scans later :slight_smile: