Sdw 431s firmware



Hi all,

I have an Acer notebook with the sdw-431s dvd writer.

The problem is that it burns every DVD-R I can find in market at 1X speed.
DVD+Rs are burned at 2,4X.

I suppose it needs a newer firmware that matches more media.

Is there any solution?




Same problem here. mnikolaus did something similar in this link I think but I haven’t been able to locate the firmware he used… Anyone got the sdw 431s firmware?

Acer is completely useless in responding to customers’ queries and I hear they have an even worse hardware customer service…


Which firmware do you use currently ?


I am using the MS0K firmware…

Yesterday I played with the MSCE tool (from ala42). I replaced an entry with a media code that there wasn’t in the firmware’s media list.

Then I managed to burn a DVD-R at 2X speed but the DVD coldn’t be played in my home DVD player…

I did something similar with a DVD+R. I tried then to burn it at 4X speed. Nero reported a “calibration” error…

I am very disapointed…


Check the Changing DVD±R write strategies (results thread) to see if a good strategy swap for your media is known. Of course your drive will be different, but it is better than starting from scratch to find a good strategy.


I tried that, but with omnipatcher i can’t double-click on every entry and change the strategy…Can I do the same with your tool ?


Yes, you can, just do it :). You will loose the target write strategy, but you can burn the media you have with any strategy you want.


Ok… suppose I want to add a new media in firmware (call it X) and assign a already-known-good strategy from media Y.

How should I do it…

I apologize but I am a very-very novice with this stuff…