Sdram Pc100 Vs Pc133

Oakay guys. Hope someone knows the answer to this one.
I have an old motherboard BX6, that supports processors up to P3 550 mhz and uses sdrams memory. It has support up to 1gig RAM. Now, the manual doesn’t say if it can use pc133 memory. I’ve been using pc100 the whole time. Now I’m asking you all, if it matters if I put in a pc133 memory?

My personal thought is, it will probably not work within it’s parameters as it was made for and thus only work as a normal pc100 instead of pc133. Do I make sense?

This guy is selling 2 sticks(256) at an auction and I need to place a bid, like now. The auction is over in about 6 hours.

Yes you can although most PC133 memory uses high density memory chips which the BX-chipset doesn’t support properly. You’ll end up getting half as much ram detected and may also run into stability issues. As long as they’re double sided (memory chips on both sides) you should be fine.

There are double sided chips that are put on one side of the PCB; these will work fine as well.

Don’t buy the cheapest memory you can find: sometimes these cheap memories fail when running at out-of-spec speeds, and lower speeds are considered out-of-spec by some cheap memory producers.

There are double sided chips that are put on one side of the PCB

Yes, 128Mb may have although 256Mb have on both or possibly two rows on one side.
Feel free to prove me wrong.

You should better try out the memory sticks before you buy them if possible !
I’ve tried many different 133Mhz SDRAM’s on my 440BX but none of them worked … luckily a friend of mine gave me some old 100Mhz RAM.

I had the same experience. I bought a 256 mb stick of the 133 flavor, but the motherboard would only recognize 128 mb of it. I was ok with it because it was still cheaper than buying a 128 mb stick of the 100 mHz speed ram.

It’s most likely because your sticks had high density chips, it has nothing to do with rated speed.