Sdram 100 and 133Mhz?

I want to upgrade my memory by putting an extra 128MB memory stick.

I’ve an Intel 440BX motherboard with 128MB sdram (100Mhz).

Will I be able to use 133Mhz sdram since 100Mhz sdram’s are quite difficult to find ?

it might work
there are two possibilities:

  1. memory works fine and everything is running at 100Mhz

  2. the 133Mhz Dimm wil only be reconized as half the original size.

only way to know for sure is to try it.

100Mhz memory isnt that hard to find, well not where i live (Holland) found it in less then 2 minutes :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Maelstrom

100Mhz memory isnt that hard to find, well not where i live (Holland) found it in less then 2 minutes :slight_smile: [/B]

Where did you find them so fast ? Inside your old jacket’s
pockets ? :wink:

Currently i’m trying to find used 100Mhz sdram’s , since most shops here (Greece)only have 133Mhz memories.

My sister’s PC has a 440BX board and I’m 99% sure I pluged a 128MB 133Mhz SDRAM stick in that board (running at 100Mhz). It’s been a few years though…

I’ve heard that dual sided sdram(133Mhz) can be read at their full size , while one sided sdram are read at half size.

Is that true ?

No. The second side is the reason for the mismatch. Some Boards detect only one side and therefore show only half of the installed memory, i.e. one side of the stick.

There’s no problem considering 100 and 133 memory sticks. I once owned a Asus P2B and ran it first with 100MHz sdram, later with mixed 100 and 133 MHz and at last only with 133MHz sticks - never had a problem.

One-sided 133MHz SDRAM will work in an 100MHz FSB board.
The 133 RAM will clock down in order for the 100 MHz to keep up ;).

I have gotten one-sided pc133 (128MB) to work in a 66 MHz board with no problem(intel 440lx) . However, i just picked up an old IBM P3 733 (VIA chipset), and it only recognizes half of a 256 meg pc133 (two sided) module. If i use it with a 128 mb module, it shoes up as total of 256 with no error messages. if i install the 256 mb only, it shows up as 128 mb and gives a “memory mosmatch error” at the bios. any way i can get the mobo to recognize all the memory?

You can try different slots. Futhermore there’s only a bios update which could make any change.