Sdk & liscence questions

can you use Nero SDK as a solution to have your commercial software burn CDs without having the end-user purchase a registered copy of Nero? I don’t get how this works. The website contradicts what the liscence document states. Which is it?

Every client must have a compatible Nero or Nero Express version installed. The only way around this is to contact Ahead and ask for a fully integratable solution which will be offered in special cases afaik.

From my personal experience, it wasn’t offered in case of “just” a few hundred OEM copies of our software, so I guess that chances are minimal unless you expect shipping of many more licenses. Plus its very hard to get someone’s phone number and finally talk to a person who can make the decision.

It’s a pitty that Ahead does not seem to have a good marketing and “full licensing” model even for “smaller” license counts of about a few hundred.