SDK/API/CMD version lacks copy function?

Just wondering if anyone knows why the sdk/api/command line version of nero doesn’t appear to have an easy to use cd to cd copy function. I’m building my own autoloader and would like to, at the very least, call nero to do the copy in a child process and wait for it, then get the loader to move the cd’s arround and call nero again etc. Taking a quick read through all the documentation that comes with the sdk, I didn’t see anything about disk to disk copying. If I’ve missed something obvious or simple, flame away. And I realize that I could make an image and then burn the image, but I’d rather have it done on the fly like it is in nero.


You havn’t missed anything. Nero did not help us out at all with this. I am building an autoloader as well. I am lucky in the Idea that I am building a 12 drive autoloader and a disc to disc copy function does’t do me a whole lot of good.

One work around to this problem I see is if you are using the windows file structure you can tell nero to copy all of the contents in say drive d:\ to destination drive.

Also I know one of the newest versions of nero supports packet writing…

One approach that I am taking since I found the API to be unusefull when burining to many discs at once is just communicating with the nero software at the windows messaging level.

Yeah, that would work (copying the all the files on drive d: ) if I wasn’t copying audio cd’s, which right now is what I’m copying a lot of. I’m also looking into just talking to nero at a windows message level as well. Need to brush up on my MFC programming a bit though. Seems a rather silly way to have to do this when they are providing a command line version and an api. I’m guessing that there probably is a function that does it in a core library somewhere, and they chose to not include it in the api.

So you’re building a little robotic arm to load all the drives? If so, have you found anyone besides Anver that makes vacuum pickup suction cups for cd’s? I’m getting them to send me a quote on their suction cups meant for cd’s, and I’m scared to find out how much they cost.