SDHC Card for my camera

Hey guys,

I have a problem with my Sanyo Xacti HD2000 (See 1st link below).

It is a high definition (1920x1080@60fps) camera with a max of 24kb/sec data rate, I’m currently using a 4GB class 2 MicroSD card with it using a SD adapter, it works fine with this, but I bought a Transporter IV 32GB SDHC Class 6 from … ebay! (See 2nd link below).

The camera has problems reading this card, I format the card using the camera and the high resolution recording works fine for about 15 seconds, then the camera stops recording because I think the card isn’t fast enough to keep up with the data rates, the lower resolution works fine.

Could someone please tell me why this is happening, I am confused because the MicroSD card is only a class 2 which works fine, but the SDHC is a class 6 which fails :eek:

Also, if you understand the problem which card /manufacturer do you recommend I buy?


Link 1:
Link 2: