SD870ieCanon Digital Camera file problem

My sister has a Canon SD 870 is Elph …

When she wants me to edit the pictures like cropping, or any other special effects, I flattened the Photoshop Image, save it as a JPG file, and load it back onto the camera.

I also tried taking the last image file and naming the new edited files so they are in order numerically …IE: If her last picture was IMG_0036.JPG, I name the new ones IMG_0037.JPG, and so on…in consecutive order.

When we try to look at the pictures that I just edited, they show up as “INCAPATIBLE JPG IMAGE(S)”

I guess I could try to BURN these JPG images onto a CD, then see if they will print out at COSTCO. I just wanted to know why or if there are different types of Jpgs that differ from photoshop, and canon Cameras software.

Any Ideas? Thanks! :clap:

Well, I think the solution is rather simple: if you want the pictures cropped, download all the pictures onto your computer and save them as a standard .jpg format after you do all the editing/retouching you need. I would NOT load it back to the camera’s memory or back onto the SD card.

If you want to make sure the camera numbers the pictures numerically, get the SD870 manual and see what the setting is to have the camera number each photo numerically, going up by one–even after you transfer pictures off the SD card to your computer. The camera will start with the next number up on the next picture she takes. Actually, I imagine that should be the default option.

Yes, I would just burn the jpgs to a disk, then print out the ones at a digital kiosk.