Why don’t we start some more topics on copy protections?
Maybe your (and mine) results will help!
Have you ever visit 'Till they shutted down they had a page with user-submitted victories and fails against Safedisc2.
I think that CDFreaks is one of the best sites on CDBurning, and maybe these topics will give the sites more hits…(more RC-5 user, more banner clicks, much $$$ to Domin8tor,Zise and Mp3…)
What do you think?

I will post this even in feedback.


We are working on that so that Copy Protections will soon be again part of CDFREAKS!!


Thanks, God!!! CDFreaks is back!!! :slight_smile:


CD Freaks has never left…it was just dorment for a a while due to server probs…on IRC it was alive and kicking all the time.

All we need now is more quality content (which we are working on) and a more reliable DNS server, because this one sux…


Yes!!! We want a good server!!! So CDfreaks will never go down again!!! Why can’t we get one!?
Tax, don’t you’ve got one @ home!? :stuck_out_tongue: hehe!
:smiley: IRC rox BIGtime!!! :smiley: (#cdfreaks)