Sd2 v2.8

tried to backup ea total club manager sd2 ver 2.8 no joy with cd clone ver 3. 3.41 with lite on 24 speed writer and toshiba 1402 reader will updating cd clone help

Perhaps. The subs function was greatly improved in version 4 but as this is SD2 your combo should have no trouble. Read with the Toshi using Hardware EC and, of course, write with the Litey.

This is the first I’ve heard of SD 2.8. the point 6 and point 7 versions presented no problems.

Install and play from the Toshi. Does the orginal disc work? Check out the FAQ

Divine Divinity

Safe Disc v2.80.010

Its out and about…

3 on its way soon.

It’s there indeed. Thanks to terry for the screenshot:

I don’t care as to how many new SD versions they release as long as my LiteOn can write them correctly… :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we (or one of the moderators) make a new post with all the SD2 versions, including the name of the game it used on and with a screendump of SafeDisc Analyzer?

I’m gonna buy a complete new PC with a new burner (maybe two) and I want to inverstigate if my new burner can burn all SD2 variants and look what the difference in read/write speeds are with the different versions.

Does someone has all this SafeDisc Analyzer screendumps of versions SD2.51, SD2.6x, SD2.7x and SD2.8x?

The only important thing is how your new writer performs with weak sectors.

As long as there are only 7D65, 3F65, 1212 and 14B9 patterns of weak sectors, then there’s nothing to worry about.

These were all the images I could find. Don’t know why you would want them?

-Medal of Honor: Allied Assault,
-Serious Sam 2
-Grand Theft Auto 3

[i]SafeDisc v2.51.021:[/i]

The Italian Job

[i]SafeDisc v2.60.052:[/i]

Total Club Manager

[i]SafeDisc v2.80.010:[/i]

how do you check the patterns of weak seators on the cd and also furtureproof said that the subs were improved in clonecd 4 but i thought that they did’nt matter for safedisk :confused:

According to copydude there are still many kinds of weak sectors that SD2 could implement that cannot be copied by LiteONs or amplified by CloneCD.

Originally posted by nevada
how do you check the patterns of weak seators on the cd

With Betablocker

How does copydude know that LiteOn won’t write certain patterns they could use?
Of course, it’s possible to create patterns LiteOns don’t write, but these have to work on pressed discs (preferably without violating any specs), otherwise they’re useless for copy protection…

I’m working on a new scanner which has a more detailed output than Betablocker. Note that it will only be a scanner, not a patcher.

I’ve already discovered that the GTA3 CD contains the following patterns:

2D9E, 082A, 1212, 3F65, 3916, 14B9, 7D65, 5A5F, 5859.

I’ve never thought that so many different patterns are used!

2D9E could be malicious, but it does not lead to a high DSV as easily as the well known bold printed ones. At least my Cyberdrive 058D can write it in a way so that the Toshiba 1502 can read it then with FES set to “no error correction”.

I’ll need to have a closer look at the others, but I can’t see any problem with them at the moment.

OK, try this with your SD 2.8 image: Drag a file into the list and press scan. Then look if there are any patterns reported as unknown.

Ask him :slight_smile:

Originally posted by nevada
…also furtureproof said that the subs were improved in clonecd 4 but i thought that they did’nt matter for safedisk :confused:
Yes I said this and they aren’t related to SD so you shouldn’t be confused. I have never said that they are required for SD

tried to backup ea total club manager reader tos 1402 writer liteon 2410b downloaded cd freaks clonecd proflies,i used sd2 without aws with mixed results the backup worked in my toshiba 1402 but did’nt work in my creative dvd drive on another pc . so i tried the backup in a pioneer 106 dvd in my brothers pc no joy.the orignal disk worked in all of them.this is the first time i have used clone 4 normally i use 3.3.41 no problem until sd2 2.8.

Creative DVD-ROMs must be the worst readers ever manufactured. At least that’s my experience. It could be (just guessing) that your brother’s Pioneer DVD-ROM can read the ATIP-information from the disc. Have you tried running the game from the Pioneer with ‘Hide CDR Media’ enabled? If the game works from a Toshiba SD-M1402 drive then the copy is good.

To G@M3FR3@K:

I agree with you…the creative DVD drives are the worst thing ever made. I bought one last year and its life were about 5 months and one day (with a warranty of 5 month…xDD).One day past five months it stopped reading ( and i don’t say anything about what it read or not). Luckyly i could change it for a toshiba…xDD ( what a difference!)

so what’s the final word can SD 2.80 be copied or no? has anyone had success?

i have a working backup that works in my toshiba 1402 but not in my creative,i have never had a safedisk or sd2 backup not work in this creative could it be they have changed the weak sectors and the drive can’t read it . the error message i get is invalid page fault in df394b.tmp which is the sd2 { i think} that causes it, normally no problem with all sd2 versions .could it be the media? tdk d-view if not looks like a new dvd drive anyone know where i can get 1402 or 15 toshiba dvd from in uk

After reading various posts, I noticed I am not t he only one who experienced having backups work on one type fo CD-ROM drive, yet not another. Is this related to the way the CD-ROM drives work meaning each drive has different capabilities, or the blank cd media we use… or both?