SD2: PX-W8432T only at 4x !?

Could someone explain how a writer (in this case my good old Plextor PX-W8432T) can be able to copy SD2 ONLY at 4x speed?

'Cause, if this is true, I’m in deep trouble because writing at 4x with CloneCD seems to be -on my system (PII-350; 96 MB; 4GB hd) - the perfect recipe for coasters!

And one other thing, the SD2 list doesn’t say anything 'bout wether or not the copies can be read in any other drive or just my Plextor recorder…
Any news on that?

BTW, if writing speed (8x or more) doesn’t really make the difference to you (what’s another 10 minutes?) the PX-W8432T is a pretty damn good drive…

I said it once, I’ll say it again :slight_smile: The info on the list is based on info I receive and I cannot test the feedback…

The 4X writing was thus based on info I received by someone saying it would only make succesful back-ups if a 4X was used or lower. A higher speed would give him coasters.

And one other thing, the SD2 list doesn’t say anything 'bout wether or not the copies can be read in any other drive or just my Plextor recorder…
Any news on that?

I got feedback it worked in all drives. If you have other experiences, please share :wink:

I tried it with the newest CloneCD (beta). Result:
The Plextor does not make a perfect copy. It can only be used in the Plextor. The CD doe not work in other CD-players. Period.

I’ve made the changes in the list. Thanks again for your information!

I just want to explain how actually I get working copies of SD2 protected games (B&W, Alice,…) with my PX-W8432T.
I recently updated the firmware from 1.07 to 1.09 and still can override this protection without problems.

For reading I use a LG CRD-8522B 1.02 (Maybe this reader has the capacity of reading the PX-W8432T SD2 copies and all my settings are nothing but a waste of time, but you can try at least. It works to me, so maybe you get lucky too.)

1.- Reading the original CD

I use my burner (PX-W8432T 1.09) with this settings:

  • Read Speed (4X-704 Kbytes/s)

  • Read SC from Data tracks (NO)

  • Read SC from Audio tracks (NO)

  • Fast Error Skip (YES)

       * Read Retries (3)
       * Error correction (None)
  • Don’t report read errors (NO)

  • Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner (NO)

2.- Writing the copy

  • Write Speed: MAX
  • Write Mode: RAW-DAO
  • Don’t Repair SC Data (NO)
  • Perform Laser Power Calibration (NO)
  • Wait until Buffers are full (NO)
  • Always Close last session (YES)

Some time ago, I made a copy of NOLF with other settings and it only worked in PX-W8432T.
Yesterday I made a new copy of NOLF with this settings and now I can read it from my reader without problems.

Hope you find the info useful.
See you!!

Yes that’s great info. Thanks!

I think you have to re-evaluate the list. Something doesn’t match.

Are there more people who made a perfect copy of a Safedisk 2 protected cd wich can play in every cdrom player with a Plextor PX-W8432T?

And again a coaster of RA2. I followed the instructions from Buddy Christ. Reading and writing with my Plextor PX-W8432T. It will not play in a cdrom player (A-open 48x).
I give up.

the 8432 does not produce perfect 1:1 sd2 titles…at least not the strongly encrypted ones like RA2…nolf is a walk in the park…

occassionally a reader (like the pioneer dvd’s and of course the plex writers themselves and a few more) will make the copy run…but it isn’t a perfect 1:1

i wish it did… i’d feel better about myself owning an ide plex rather than an acer (sorry plex loyality hanging over from the clone clinic…i forgot where i was for a moment)