Sd2 & Mohaa

I’ve managed to backup MOHAA ok, but have to use the Hide CDR Media option to get it to work properly.

Is there any way round this or another burner that can create a working backup of MOHAA without having to hide CDR Media ?



no, MOHAA’s saefdisc protection has an ATIP check to see if the cd inserted is an original.

If it is original, then it has no ATIP. If its burned it does.

If you put it in a cd-rom or dvd-rom drive you probably shouldn’t have to enable it as those types of drives cannot read ATIP.

For more info read this:

OK so it would work if I was using a CDR but as I’m using a CDRW it causes probs ??

Is that right or am I confusing myself.


no what he means is there is no atip read ability on a cdrom or dvd drive so you do not need to hide the cdr from the copy protection in a write capable drive you do have to hide it as the atip tells the burner what kind of media you wish to write on and part of safedisk is that if there is an atip present (read only by burners remember) it will prevent execution as SD “sees” that it is a backup and not a pressed cd (which has no atip info)

Cheers for - it all becomes clear - as mud - lol !!

Understand now. I’ve got the backup and thats what matters.

However, I’ve decided to use Virtual CD and run off this. Probaly not the right forum, but what are the differences between Vitural CD and Daemon tools ?

Can you tell i’m a n00b ?? But always wanting to learn !