SD2 lists from CDR Times

Hello there, I’ve got 2 mails with the SD2 list from CDR Times…


ACER: 4432A (Atapi), 6432A (Atapi), 8432A (Atapi), 8432IA (Atapi), 1032A (Atapi), 1208A (Atapi), 1832A (Atapi)

  • ARTEC: CDRW-4x4x24 (Atapi, Philips CDD4201), WPA-28 and CDRW-8x4x32 (Atapi, Philips CDD4801)

  • FREECOM: 2/2/24

  • FUJITSU: Spinbird CD-RW 4x4x24 (Atapi, Philips CDD4201), Spinbird CD-RW 4x4x32 (Atapi, Philips CDD4401),Spinbird CD-RW 8x4x32 (Atapi, Philips CDD8401)

  • HP: HP8250i (Atapi, only if it is Philips CDD4201)

  • IMATION: CD-R 8x20 (SCSI, Plextor PX-R820)

  • IOMEGA: ZipCD 4x650 (Atapi, Philips CDD4201), 8432 (Atapi, Philips CDD8401)

  • LIFETEC: LT 9330 (Atapi, Acer CDW-4432A), LT 9340 (Atapi, Philips CDD4401)

  • MEDIO: MD 9325 (Atapi, Acer CRW-6432A), MD 9898 CDR and RW 4x4x32 (Atapi, Acer CDW-4432A)

  • TEVION: TD9898 CDR and RW 4x4x32 (Atapi, Acer CDW-4432A OEM)

  • PHILIPS: CDD4201 (Atapi), CDD4401 (Atapi), CDD4801 (Atapi), PCRW804K (Atapi)

  • PLEXTOR: PX-R820 (SCSI), PX-W8220 (SCSI) only if TLA=01xx

  • TRAXDATA: CDRW4424+ (Atapi, Philips CDD4201), CDRW4432+ (Atapi, Philips CDD4401), CDRW8432+ (Atapi, Philips CDD4801)

  • WAITEC: WT2444EI (Atapi, CDD4201), WT3244EI (Atapi, CDD4401), Shuttle (Atapi, CDD4801)

Writers that make backups that play in source writer only*******

  • PLEXTOR 8432

  • PLEXTOR 121032a

  • PLEXTOR 121032s

  • PLEXTOR 12432s

  • RICOH 7083a

  • RICOH 9120a

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Thanks a lot! That’s very helpful :slight_smile:


What we now need is a Plextor 1210a list of TLA# that work and do not work with SafeDisc 2 when firmware 1.4 is used!

People please post your experiences below! You can find the TLA# on your burners package. There’s a sticker on the side of the box with the TLA#…

Greets :slight_smile:

I’m definitely keeping this list

I have make a copy of Undying with Clone CD with my Plextor 121032s
and it works fine on my Hp 9210 too

Originally posted by AHL
I have make a copy of Undying with Clone CD with my Plextor 121032s
and it works fine on my Hp 9210 too

Which FirmWare version did you use?

121032s Firmware 1.01

PLex 121032A TLA# 0202 firmware 1.04 and the copy works in other readers/writers then mine…

Originally posted by AHL
121032s Firmware 1.01

Do you know the TLA#? You can find this number on the package of the writer…

Thanks in advance :smiley: