SD2 Game thats already been burned

I have max payne and it’s already been burned. It won’t load from the CD that I burned it to. It just sits there with the Max Payne picture and disc just keeps spinning in the drive. I think it’s becuase I didn’t burn it right. (did I?)

Now if I make copy of it (this is probably a st00pid question) with the correct settings, will that fix it?

It installs just fine, but I have to use the NOCD for 1.05 version of Max Payne…

Any help or insight would be nice…thanks a bunch!

if you have to use the nocd patch to run the game from your backup copy then the chance is that it didn’t backup right and that trying to make another backup from that backup will fail as well.


are you trying to play it from the burner? it will not start … Try you cdrom/dvd player… there is a sticky in this forum at the top name “settings” check that out its pretty good!

A cd-recorder with good EFM Encoding like Lite-on burners and old plex 8/20, can make working copies of copy and so on without problems. Verify your cd-writer is good ( is not producing extra bad sectors) and the cd-reader can make FSE without extra “ERRORS”

visit for the latest on correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns…