SD2 Confusion over reader


After reading the articles on cdfreaks & cdmediaworld about SD2 it comes across that the issues with copying SD2 discs are around the writers individual ability regarding the encoding of the EFM patterns. Does this mean that it doesn’t matter what reader was used to create the clonecd image?

I have downloaded a couple of binary images from usenet and burnt them using the recently acquired Plextor 241040 f/w 1.02 however I still get prompted for the CD when loading the game. It looks like I have misunderstood the articles however can someone clarify this point that the image itself must be created with a ‘capable’ reader and then burnt with a writer such as the above to get a working copy. It is not just dependant on the writer’s ability??


The reader shouldn’t make a difference. SafeDisc 2, like the article described, depends on your writer and not your reader. Weird that the Plex24x doesn’t make a good copy but it may be that the game you downloaded wasn’t created with CloneCD (or some other burning program) keeping the original SD2 protection intact…

When it was a CloneCD download you should have gotten three files:


he has bin files and they are not created with clone cd so i think we found the problem