SD2 compatible writers list updated!

I just posted the article SD2 compatible writers list updated!.

Hank used our newssubmit to show us this fine list of recorders that should be abled to write SD2 protected discs…

Writers that are able to do SafeDisc 2 backups are mentioned below…

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Dont forget to add the USB version of the Iomega zip 650

Sorry to mention this, but I have a PX-8432T and it certainly cannot copy SD2 and work on CDROM drives. It only work on CD recorder, so is your list slightly incorrect ? Am I using wrong firmware v1.09 ?

TRUE> tried it at 4x???

Always great to see your recorder NOT on their. Plextor 124TSi Fucking annoying bastards!! I dont care if we’ve stopped whining about them, I paid over £200 for my drive and the fact it cant copy it is f*cking anoying to say the least

Will the plex do SD2 at 4x only, or will it be ok at a lower speed…Sorry if this is a DUH! question :+

I mean the Plex 8432a

Huh, you just ‘copied’ this list from me from my SafeDisc 2 list @ my account… Ahwel, if you have anymore info, mail it to me @ … Thanks!

I’m sure if I bought my games this list would mean something.

The Yamaha 2100E does SD2 copies ? Thats new, and i don´t have any other informations on other sites !!!

Gamefreak: this list was send to me, I didn’t copy anything!

My Hp 8320e USB does SD2 backups with no problems. :slight_smile:

Do u have any setting for writting SD2 with the Yamaha 2100E, such as speed?

I own a Teac CD-R55s and I succesfully copied NOLF and RA2 (both German) with BlindRead/Write, but these “backup-discs” :wink: only run with the Teac :frowning:

To all people who find information to be wrong on this list: I just base the info on what people send me! I give no guarantees it will work for sure… Note that if you do find wrong info on the list, please mail me and I will change it…

The Yamaha CRW 2100 doesn’t do any SD2 protected game. Not EIDE nor ATAPI, and at any speed. Tried 'bout 10 drives, but no success! :frowning: Maybe some components inside has changed.

Bullshit! I have a Yamaha CRW4416S SCSI and that drive can’t copy SD2 games!!! Who made that list??? :r

@Fantom: I did. I just based this list on info people send me, I cannot test all these burners! If you find info on this list to be wrong, please mail me! I’ve deleted the YAMAHA2100, because there are more people who say it doesn’t work, than there are people who say it does.

To theEye, I can copy SD2 to run on any drive with my TEAC 55s. Don’t use alternate reading and write at 1X (Br/Bw). Works for me :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Updated the list today with the following changes: New burners: -CREATIVE 121032 (1 report) -MEMOREX CRW-1622 (1 report) Removed: -YAMAHA 2100 Updated: -RICOH MP-7083A (FirmWare 1.10 is reported to work in every CD-ROM) Unsure of: -YAMAHA CRW4416S SCSI (various reports) Check it out here (press CTRL+D to bookmark)…