SD2 and the Acer 1208

I know this has been discussed in depth, but I am not finding the answers I want regarding reading SD2. I have read in Madden 2002, SD2 protected, with Clone 3.x.x.x set to Fast Error Skip and Software correction. I then burned a disc that does not work. Is this due to reading on this drive?

Also, are older cd readers capable of reading SD2, or do I need to get a new one.


Reading shouldn’t be a problem with SafeDisc. Some drives are just faster than others when it comes to skipping the errors. Take a look at your CloneCD log file and see if the errors are only in the first 500~10.500 sectors. If so you have a good image. There are only problems with SafeDisc 2 when using the Amplify Weak Sectors option and a Toshiba DVD. A reason for this isn’t clear yet. But with an Acer you wouldn’t need the AWS option so forget about this :slight_smile:

What I do know is that an Acer is very picky when it comes to used media. Please make sure you use proper CD-R’s. Could this be the problem (eg. are you using a cheap brand) ?

The problem is that the Acer can burn safedisk 2 but it can not read it.

So for reading the cd I suggest you use something else like a thosiba dvd