SD2.51.xx & Cyberdrive CW038D



I have a Cyberdrive CW038D(16x/12x/40x) and I was wandering if it was able to copy sd2.51. on the it says that it does not do correct efm enconding, but i have tried copying Ghost Recon with CCD and the game works fine in the cdrw when hide cd-r media is disabled. i don't have a regular cdrom to test it with, but has anyone of you successfully copied SD2.51 with the CW038 ??? (if sure if mine is a perfect copy)


If you used the default CloneCD 4 options/Profile, AWS will have been enabled when you made the back-up. This will help writers like yours that cannot do EFM probably. That’s why you go a working back-up. I’m a little confused though: you say you can play the game in your writer without ‘Hide CDR Media’ enabled? Or are you referring to playing from a normal CD-ROM?


no, i am able to play the game in my CDRW with hide cd-r disabled. That is really weird, and i haven’t been able to try it in another cdrom to see if it works 100%