SD-R6472 Toshiba mobile slim DVD burner



Hi all,
Does anybody know this drive can burn which the max speed is?
Toshiba says general specs are:

  • 8X DVD±R Write
  • 4X DVD±RW Write
  • 8X DVD-ROM Read
  • 24X CD-R Write
  • 10X CD-RW Write HS
  • 24X CD-ROM Read
    but detail specs says
  • DVD-ROM (single layer) 8x CAV
  • DVD-ROM (dual layer) 6x CAV
  • DVD-R (Ver. 1.0) 8x CAV
  • DVD-R (Ver. 2.X) 8x CAV
  • DVD-RW (Ver 1.X) 6x CAV
  • DVD+R 8x CAV
  • DVD+RW 6x CAV
  • DVD-RAM (Ver 2.1) 2x ZCLV
  • DVD-R (Ver 2.1) (Write) 2x CLV/ZCLV, 4x ZCLV
  • DVD-RW (Ver 1.1) (Write) 1x,2x CLV
  • DVD+R (Write) 2.4x CLV/ZCLV, 4x ZCLV
  • DVD+RW (Write) 2.4x CLV
    I dont know why they state it burn 8x for DVD±R and 4x for DVD±RW but details are quite different.


I have this drive. 8x is supported for DVD±R, but max speed is unknown for ±RW (I don’t have any media to test that is rated beyond 4X).