SD-R6472 is giving me unreadable sectors

I just got a Toshiba SD-R6472 slimline burner and was trying it out, burning some disks. It turns out that every disk I burned burned to 100% without any errors, but hung on the verification, citing an unreadable section of the disk as the source of the error. After scanning each disk with the scandisk tool in Nero’s CD-DVD speed program, it turns out that each disk is .1% unreadable in the exact same “block” of data. The media I used was TTG01, TTG02, and RICOHJPNR01, all under the TDK brand. (Yeah I know it isn’t the best, but it’s all I have at the moment.) I have tested each of these media with a Plextor PX-708A, and they all burn fine and verify fine, as should be expected. Are these specific media just incompatable with this burner? Is it a hardware problem? I really hope this can be fixed, but if it can’t, and I need to get a new burner, do you guys suggest another one of these or something better?