SD-R6012 how do I set it to slave, firmware? solder?

I see a bunch of different firmwares, some I assume is to set it to slave. However when I go to run the update it says CD not found so I assume the firmware will only work on certain laptops. As for soldering is 49 + 47 pin master and 47 + 45 slave?

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There are quite many threads about Toshiba slim dvdrw’s on our forum. This thread can be a good start for your search. Member TOSHIBAer has posted many useful comments.

thx I read that long thread although it seems to be mostly about samsung drive. My next idea is that my slimline is cable select. My harddrive has jumper settings. If I set the jumper on my HD shouldn’t the slimline dvd automatically choose slave?

Toshiba and Samsung (TSST =Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Corporation) are one and the same. :slight_smile:

About HDD’s jumpers, you’ll have to consult your lappy’s manual. Don’t think its that simple you are telling…
Slim optical drives can have; master, slave, CS, reverse CS, aso firmware. Drive itself can not choose position in this respect.

SD-R6012 is only [B]1x[/B] DVD-R/-RW burner. My idea was to get you thinking on compatible replacement of this drive.
But if you like to play around, go on with it and tell us your findings. :wink: