SD-M1002 cross flash

I have a Compaq SD-M1002, firmware 2757, (see image below) that I want to flash to Toshiba SD-M1002, 1477 firmware.

What do I need to do to cross flash Compaq SD-M1002 to Toshiba SD-M1002?

I already have a binary for 1447 firmware for Toshiba SD-M1002.

DOS flashing is always the best, when possible… :wink:

Found attached firmware with (DOS-)flasher on a russian site. Use it at your own risk. (85.6 KB)

I have sucessfully cross flashed SD-M1002 after checking many different version of the VUP flashing program. The key seems to be the use of the 99L version of the Toshiba VUP flashing program. The vup99l.exe allows cross flashing and works for many other burner than SD-M1002 (information may also apply to vup100i.exe, I have not tested it).

I have cross flashed Compaq SD-M1002, firmware 2757, to Toshiba SD-M1002, firmware 1447. I also have also cross flashed Toshiba SD-M1002, firmware 1447, to Toshiba SD-M1002, firmware 3426 (firmwares 3426 and 1447 are apparently of a different series).

I have stayed with firmware 3426 (Firmware 3426 is newer than 1447 as confirmed by a Toshiba representative). Date in firmware of firmware 3426 is incorrect.

The word “binary” was a mistake (I am unable to edit); it should be “hex file”.

Thank you pinto2. Although I have not used it, the file you provided should work (Note for others reading this: file provided by pinto2 contains firmware 3426 and not other versions of firmware for SD-M1002).

What russian site did you acquire the things attached to your above post? I would like to see what other useful things it may have.

I was mainly hoping to gain CD-R support by cross flashing OEM SD-M1002 to retail SD-M1002. That did not occur.

Perhaps a cross flash to a different model…

[B]Can SD-M1002 be cross flashed to another model?[/B]

The SD-M1302 seems similar to SD-M1002 (hopefully only differing in firmware) and supports CD-R. I believe that if a cross flash to a different model is possible for SD-M1002, then SD-M1302 would probably be the new drive cross flashed.


Is this something you are sure about?

I have not been able to find much information about SD-M1002. All information about it from Toshiba I found on the Japanese site:

English page on Toshiba Japan website with SD-M1002 specifications:


Check the website of Toshiba Europe for detailed infos on the SD-M1002

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OK then.

Thank you.