SD-DDR333 vs. SD-DDR400, which to buy?

Experts in this field,
I recently purchased an MSI KT4VL MS-6712-020 motherboard and I’m not up and running with my new sytem as of yet. I’ve purchased everything but the ram. My simple question is: What ram is faster? I came accross articles at Toms Hardware guide where they said SD-DDR333 was just as fast as SD-DDR400?
Will I notice a “significant” differance if I were to purchase the SD-DDR400 (if faster) over SD-DDR333? MSI recommends using certified memory if I go SD-DDR400 (Apacer, Corsair, Samsung, Kingston). Which of these brand name seems to be the better or more reliable?

My motherboard specs:

Replies to this post will determine what brand& speed to purchase :smiley:

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DDR400 has higher latency times, which compensates for the higher frequency…buy DDR333. It will be as fast as DDR400, but is much cheaper.

Although this issue is going to be fixed, it has not happened till now. DDR400 may be faster some day, but not now

Thanks for your speedy pesponse m8. Of the 4 recommended brands that MSI suggests, which would be best? or, which would you buy?


I would buy Kingston, because Kingston, Samsung and Corsair are all good, but Kingston is, at least here, the cheapest of these
I don’t know about Apacer.

While the mobo claims it supports DDR400 RAM, you’ll not get any benefits from it because of 2 reasons, 1) the KT4VL is not a OCer’s mobo, 2) You’ll be running asyncronous FSB (CPU:266, RAM:400), and you know that means less performance than syncronous FSB. The mobo doesn’t have a 1/6 CPU/PCI/AGP divisor, so if you jack the RAM up to 400, you’ll also increase freq. for your PCI and AGP components, thus making the system unstable. Your best bet is to get a stick of DDR333 aka PC2700 RAM and run it at default FSB, or 166.

As for what brand of RAM to get. If you don’t plan on OCing, get some Crucial PC2700 from or better quality than Kingston. CAS latency timing is stuck at 2.5/166 for Samsung RAMs. And Corsair RAMs are just over charging.

Alex: there are some fast DDR400 chips outthere… these chips do have CL2. But… they are really expensive!

Shoobedoe: Is your Athlon 1,7 a new CPU? If so, there is a good chance you got a Tbred B athlon; overclocking on those CPU’s is very easy…!

Alex: there are some fast DDR400 chips outthere… these chips do have CL2. But… they are really expensive!
The ones I have seen are so expensive that, if you want 1 GB, a faster CPU is cheaper in the end…

My Athlon XP 1.7 is a new processor and I’ll use the MSI software that came with the motherboard to overclock and install thermo-cool hardware as well. Well, from feed back quite fast (thank you), looks like I’ll go with SD-DDR333 1 gig ram for now. Thanks for all the speedy responses pardners :smiley:


I’m with the majority here. Unless you’re going to run your CPU at 200 FSB, the 400DDR will do you no good. Even then, it may be unstable in synch at 400. It is also true, however, that good quality DDR400 will be more stable in any O/C scenario, (in theory).
DDR400 will run higher benchmarks at 166FSB in synch than it will at 200 asynch, much higher. My own Corsair XMS PC3200 returns a PCMark score of ~4550 at 200 asynch, (166FSB), and 4750 at 166 synch.
BUT, right now I’ve got it up to 190FSB in synch, and it scores 5750. The PC2700 would not be likely to do this.
So, the PC3200 will give you some future benefit, and added stability if you’re O/Cing.

@Alex: indeed… way too expensive

@Shoobedoo: don’t use the MSI utiliy, use the BIOS. The MSI util only tried to raise the FSB until it crashes. It doesn’t do anything with the VCore or whatever…
Can you check up what your core revision of the 1.7 is? I know that the " JIUHB" is one of the best CPU’s. I’ve seen people getting up to 2300Mhz (not PR, but Mhz!!!) with normal air cooling…

@RD: as long as you stick with the 166Mhz FSB, your RAM should be 100% fine. Of course, when you’ve got buggy ram, it might be problematic. Raising VMem may help you out…

PS. Never forget that any overclocking is risky!

Ok, I understand if I use the Athlon XP 1.7 processor I’ll be runnin’ fsb speed at 133. If I were to go Athlon XP 2.6, would I be running fsb speed at 266?

Ok, I won’t use the MSI software to overclock CPU& fsb speed. I’m not sure what your asking about what core revision of the 1.7?< Athlon XP 1.7? iIf so, how do I check?


The XP2100 will do about as much as any of the later XP’s for a lot less money. FSB of 166 (333) with any of them.

The way I understand this scenerio. It would be cheaper to go with an Athlon XP 2.1 running fsb at 133 rather than going Athlon XP 2.6 running fsb at 266 and be ("almost as fast)? I know the Athlon XP 2.6 processors are very expensive at present. What I really wanted to know is where the fsb speed changes to 266? (Athlon 2.6)?


Don’t confuse 2600 with 2.6 GHz. the XP2600 runs stock at 2.1 GHz. (166x12.5). I think the XP2100 runs stock at 1.8 (133x13.5). but the 2100 is unlocked, and can O/C to 166x12.5 with air cooling. I’d suggest you check in at and read/search the various MB forums to see which MB’s are having the best luck with O/C. But thus far the XP2100 seems to be the favorite O/C. The XP2600 has been sold in both 266 and 333 versions. Mine is running at 380 (190 FSB). :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

The Athlon 2100+ at 166Mhz FSB will be slightly faster than the 2600+ on 133 or 166Mhz FSB… and it’s way cheaper :slight_smile:

The Athlon 2100+ at 166Mhz FSB will be slightly faster than the 2600+ on 133 or 166Mhz FSB…

Oh yeah? Wanna race? :wink:

None of this chicken PM stuff Dee-ehn.
XP2600 at 166x12.5, PCMark2002 score is 6318. (6253 with MBM, ZA and NAV running in the background)
Put up or shut up…:eek:

Edit: At 190x12, 6940.

The race is on, check this dedicated thread and keep the current one on-topic :slight_smile:

I have AMD 2400+ with Asus A7N8X Deluxe + Corsair Memory 512mb (Value Select, I know i goofed on this)
Cpu Memory
Optimal Settings in Bios 5864 3459
Aggresive 5869 3594
User Defined * *

  • I don’t know enough about overclocking to do this. I got wrong memory to be doing this. I want to mention that my memory card has Samsung chips.
    My motherboard has dual channel feature for DDR400 and will support up to AMD 2800. How much performance for me would be gained if i utilize this dual feature using 2 sticks of ram with AMD 2400+.

How much performance for me would be gained if i utilize this dual feature using 2 sticks of ram with AMD 2400+.

Very little. The quality of the DDR is more important. Running your DDR in synch is important. Some people report a more stable system with just one stick, especially with O/C systems.