SD Card not working

I have a 2GB SD card. IT was working fine till i plug it in few days back in my laptop slot and copied some mp3 files which i used to do earlier also. After copying i selected the option to remove the card safely. I pressed the card to remove it expecting the safe removal message. However the message came not safe to remove but i removed it. After that SD card is not working. laptop is running other cards but when i put this card it detects it but doesn’t shows in My computer list and in device manager it shows an excamantion mark showing device can not start error code 10. I have tried unistalling and installing as written on different support sites but it didnt work for me.

When i put the same card in my digital camera, it says card is not formated and do u want to format the card. After selecting Yes it formats it but cant be use for camera even however if i connect the camera with my PC i can see the card in My Comuter list.

Kindly help me to get the card fixed.

i fell if hte card or usb lived problem ,most of reasons is the program… so you can not solve it by your self.