SD-card brand: Transcend ; are they still as good as they used to be?

back in 2004 when i went to a local radioshack for a new Sandisk SD-card, a long time employee i’ve come to be so acquainted to in the years recommanded me to buy a Transcend because “they’re just as good as Sandisk.”
i looked around several review sites and found so many favoriable reviews and glowing feedback from so many people i decided to stick to Transcend from then on, and it’s always had an attractive price tag. recently, or around 2 years back i’ve purchased another 4gb sd card, not that there are any problems with it, but i’ve been wondering about something for a while;
Would the actual “shelf-life” of an SD-card be dependant on the branding?

while Sandisk are known for their realiablily and performance so much that even law enforcements are using their WORM cards to store important data for archival, but what about Transcend? what’s the shelf-life like for their recent line of SD-cards?

for me i just don’t trust dvd burning as much a backup medium for my photos as i used to anymore, i’ve learnt my lessons the hard way when my old riteks from superstore i’ve had for 7 years all failed on me. none of my transcend and sandisk cards have that problem…yet. though everytime when i’ve finished taking my photos i’d pull the card out of my cannon, flick the little Lock switch to write protect it and throw it in my drawer. my old SD-cards from 2004 till the recent ones i bought in 2008 are all still readable. i know verbatims and Tiyen yuden are good discs but i guess i just lost too much faith in cd burning in general to entrust any of my photos to them again.

thanks for the feedback and input! cheers~