SD Association announces standards that allows for 985 MB/s transfers and up to 128TB in capacity

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The SD Association today announced the SD 7.0 specification which introduces SD Express and SD Ultra Capacity (SDUC). Products utilizing the new SD Express standard can make use of the PCIe interface and the NVMe protocol and should be able to achieve throughputs of up to 985 MB/s. SDUC allows for storage capacities of up to 128 Terabyte.

128tb not bad but the rest of us won’t get the purchase option.

985MB/s might sound impressive at first for an SD card, but if there comes a time when a 128TB card hits the market, . . .

128TB = 128,000,000MB (disk capacity)
128,000,000 / 985 = ~129,949 seconds
128,949 / 60 = ~2,149 minutes
2,149 / 60 = ~35.8 hours

. . . offloading that card is going to take a while!

Or worse losing all that data in one big shocker…