SD 2.9+ question, I've been gone for a while



Since I haven’t had any SD 2.9 games up to now, with all the latest software versions and my hardware below, what would be the best way to do it. Up to now I have been using Alcohol 120% (latest) to do all SD2 games with my toshiba dvd for reading and my lite-on for burning.

Now I have been hearing that even Alcohol can’t do SD2.9 but is this true? Some have been saying that the latest version of Blind Write does it better. Also some have been saying that BW and the Toshiba DVD burner that I have can do SD2.9.

So, general community, what is the best way to burn SD2.9?


I’ve had no problems with alcohol 120 and sd 2.9. I’ve got a liteon 40x. As for blindwrite, it’s patin drivers always crash my system. But if it works for you, great :slight_smile:




i have used blindwrite and various burners and always get a good copy …


The reason I ask is just “I’ve been away from the scene for a while”. Back in the day BW was the secure rom killer and 120% was the SD killer. Just wanted to know if everything was still the same or if BW made a comeback and is able to do SD just as well as alcohol.


well I use blindwrite no problems at all with sd 2.9. But sd 2.9 is very dependant on your burner … not just software

if you need help with blindwrite or have questions IM me or message me

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great here we go again. I am trying to make a backup of BF1942 SWoWWII and it looks like alcohol 120 may have worked a little.
Although I am having the same problem as secure rom. The game will install but not play from a toshiba cd rom.
I made the image with my toshy dvd rom and burned with my lite-on.

I am now trying BW making the image with my toshy dvd burner and going to write with the same drive.

What settings to I need to have checked or unchecked in BW. I think I unchecked all the options.


just message me if ya need help


what settings of bindwrite is needed?:slight_smile:


BF1942 SWoWWII is currently being investigated for possible blacklists/new patterns.


message me and I will help



new battlefield …that is the expansion if i am correcdt …I have done it with blindwrite … just did it two days ago …got the game …


If you have the proper stuff to make a copy and have followed all the suggestions and feel your copy should work, then you have a few options, many copies that don’t work or people say they are bad is the result of blacklisting of clonecd or alcohol, if you suspect this then first thing to try is remove or change the virtual drives, if that doesn’t work then uninstall the programs and try again. Since I started using blindwrite it has not once been blacklisted and thats a big plus.


I did BF:SWoWWII with Alcohol no problems at all, works like the original from DVD drive, take maybe 10 seconds to authenticate from CDRW with Alcohol’s ATIP hider. CloneCD ( Hide CD-R media didn’t work. I did change the option in AxType for pregap to 1, but I don’t think my drive can read pregap anyways so yeah…


@BadReligionPR: Alcohol ignores ‘read pregap’ setting in axtype.


OK I made a backup with both BW and 120% and neither copy works in a toshiba dvd drive to play the game. It just kicks it back to the desktop. On another note I had an old toshy cd rom and it played fine from it. It also plays fine from lite-on dvd drive.
I have no virtual drives or any kind of autoplay turned on for any software that I use. I also don’t use any kind of emulation what so ever or even have damen tools installed.

Tried the following:
120% trials safe disk 2 settings:
Read with Toshiba dvd and burned with lite on. (failed in toshy dvd)
Read with Toshiba DVD burner and burned with Toshy DVD burner. (failed in toshy dvd)
Read with Lite-on DVD and burned with Toshy DVD burner (failed again.)

BW trials with eveything unchecked and nibble and raw pw writing:
Read with toshy dvd player and burned with lite-on (failed in toshy)
etc etc…

Note when I say it failed I only mean it will not play the game in a toshy dvd player. All copies I made played and installed fine from a lite-on dvd player and an older toshy cd rom reader.

This is the same problem that secure rom is giving toshiba dvd players.


Have you tried reinstalling from the tosh drive?