SD 2.9 confirmed burners?

Is it possible to have a list of confirmed burners that do safedisk 2.9 without emulation or enhanced weak sector thing. Any comments mostly appreciated.

My LiteOn LTR-48246S with SS0B firmware can do SafeDisk 2.9 (tested on Gothic 2 which was released in Poland protected with SafeDisk) without any emulation or enhancement. Ive tested Alcohol (1.4.3 build 410) and BlindWrite (4.4b) and it works flawlessly ;-> I havent tested CloneCD…

my LTR-52246S (6SOF) also worked on sims megastar or how it’s called :).
backed-up with Alcohol newest version


My LG8520B didn’t have any problems with SD 2.9 so far using Alcohol120%.

LTR-40125S [ZS0P] with Devastation [SD 2.90.040] works fine

Read CCD, Write Fireburner 2.2

48246K with latest alcohol120, Copied EU Version of Postal 2 (SD2.9.040) without problems, must completely uninstall CloneCD though or it wont run.