SD 2.8: Lovely Japanese Game



i have actually a problem, i have a lovely japanese game protected with safedisc 2.80.010
i tried to burn it but it seems my cd toaster is’nt able to burn it perfectly

in the older version of safedisc (2.5 or less i think) it was possible to remove the safedisc protection, can someone explain me how to rip it off?

if there is a way to burn it with a standard cd toaster, i have the folowing files:



i precise that the cd check is done on the cd2

i hope someone can solve my problem


> .bin .cdi

These files are not native to CloneCD. Read the FAQ and then re-read the original disc with CloneCD.


not so simple
the sd 2.8 is on the cd2 (it’s for that i used disc juggler)
i have a samsung cd toaster 16x

is it possible that my toaster don’t burn the cd perfectly?


You must have a Toshiba (eg 5002), ASUS or a Lite-On* to produce SD2 backups, that work, in DiscJuggler

*for whatever reason, not all Lite-On burners can do it but most seem to be able

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