SD 2.8.1 beaten

i have just beaten SD 2.8.1using a liteon cd writer

i tried CCD and blind read/write without success.

eventually through the forums i was led to alcohol 120%.
what an excellent program, i managed to backup both harry Potter COS and Combat Flight SIm using the default settings.

I’m still a fan of CCD but unless it can be developed to overcome the new protections that i’m pretty sure it will be left behind!

l copied HP2 with CloneCD no problems, l was surprised it worked with CCD without a patch.


nothing new that alcohol + Lite-On beats SD 2.8 (Alocohol 120% + Asus beats SD 2.8 too)

HP2 is not 2.8x

Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone - Safedisc 2.40.010
Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets - Safedisc 2.80.010

I also copied HP-COS using CloneCD and a LiteOn 40125S no problems.

I scanned with Clony 2 weeks ago Said SD2

Hmm may be scanned wrong, no i´ve not the original

My copy of Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets shows Safedisc 2.8