Sd 2.60.052



The Stronghold 1.2 update adds this SafeDisc Revision. It also searches for the DAEMON-Tools SCSI Driver...

Thanks & credit to jamesagmoore


TNX dude,GREAT info!!:slight_smile:
I’ll gonna change it’s name then…:smiley: :smiley:


ok…does the SD2.60 cause any problems for the liteon burners???


2.6 is patched into the software on the disk, it’s not on the CD. It’s like the first Max Payne patch that put 2.4 (ATIP Check) onto the game - they can add API calls to strengthen the protection. I expect that 2.6 will come out on future releases soon - apart from blacklisting D-Tools, I don’t know what it does.


Very interesting the race to conquer from macrovision never stops…too bad right now SD2.51.21 is very good protection…but with Olli around I bet on clonecd always!


As I posted a few threats down I have copied Stronghold and used the newest patch. I use also Daemon Tools. On my PC it works great even if they are installed. If I check the safedisk emulation it even works in my burner.


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As I posted a few threats down…