SD 2.6 with no-sheep writer


I want to make a back-up from Black and White (safedisc 2.6), but I have a no-sheep writer.

I have both clone cd and alcohol 120% installed.

I am kind of new to this.
Can anyone help me?

Use alcoholer adn clony. read the protection with clony pass it to alcoholer. use the set feature in alcoholer to chose alcohol free as type of burner and alcoholer will set the correct settings for the burn.

the link to download alcoholer is at the top of this page.


I will try it this weekend.

if the copy doesn’t work, use safe disc 2 emulation of Alcohol to bypass the protection…

Sorry, but I only get a kind of audio file.

I guess I’ll have to wait till I get a new computer and then buy an asus or a lite-on.

BTW: I have read that the asus is better than the lite-on, is this true or am I wrong?


Some complain about the Asus drive so play it safe and get a LiteON.

@Chriso: Thanks for the advise. I think I’ll buy a Lite-on then.
Have you got any idea when the new 52/32/52 is released in Europe?

Thanks for your replies

Not sure about a date but shouldn’t be too long.