SD 2.51 with DJ



has anyone tried to backup SD 2.51 using DJ?
i haven't (and will try when i get GTA 3) but someone here says the have done it? :confused: i hoping it is true so i can do multiple backups:)


yes I did do it and it worked perfect on my other machines (Sony vaio) DVD drive which is a Pioneer 117. It took quite a while to read 11mins per disc but wrote about the same speed as clone. All I did was read all the various subs settings on the advance tab of burn cd / dvd images and ignore read errors all speed settings were set to max. I will try some more SD2.51 games tomorrow and let you know how I get on. I have never used DJ before but I really like it especially the multiple recorder option opening clone 3 times just does not work to good for me.


this sound interesting, esp. to me cos when i try to burn to 2 recorders with clone, i get an error and only 1 continues…

…btw, for my 11mins would be a fast time for an SD2.51 read. i am sure it matters on the hard ware…

… like i said, ill try it when i get gta 3 :slight_smile: