SCSI/ what is tagged queuing and synch. transfers?

Howdy folks,
I use a Chaintech Zenith CT-7NJS Ultra MB with Promise FastTrack 376 RAID.
Looking under the properties of my disk drives PROMISE 2+0 Stripe/RAID SCSI Disk Device Properties I find two check box’s. One “Disable tagged queuing” and " Disable synchronous transfers". I’d like to know what these are and the best setting for my computers disks including my PX-708A DVD burner and Lite-On CD burner. I also run several HD’s two of which are my two Serial 34G 10,000 RPM Raptor’s which my OS resides on and two other Western IDE HD’s for storage.
The peculiar nature of MB with RAID show my optical drives as SCSI devices not ATAPI IDE’s and my concern is the effect these two settings might have on my optical drives and ability to burn at top speed. (I had been experiancing some problems burning due to SCSI Device Time Out errors showing up in XP’s event viewer. Yet it appears that these error’s may have stoped since I removed Alcohol 120% which had created an entry for SCSI Controlers just under my Promise Fastrack Controler) This however is another string. If sombody could tell me somthing about the settings in my string title I’d appreciate it very much. Maybe sombody who also use’s Promise FastTrack on a NVIDA nForce 2 MB ?

Thanks so much for your help :bow: